The Lysts at Castleton V
A Mounted and Field Combat Pas
Ansteorran Royal Lancer Competition

April 9 - 11, 2010      Austin, Texas

For this “Lysts at Castleton” we have been fortunate enough to receive affiliation with the International Jousting League. Each of the 4 equestrian activities at this event is recognized and co-affiliated through the IJL. All competitors are invited to become members of the IJL and, in doing so, will be eligible to have their scores from this competition listed in the IJL international ranking of competitors. Entry to this organization is free. Simply fill out the affiliation form and send to the IJL Secretary before the event to be eligible.

IJL Crest

Please contact the Event Steward, Steve Hemphill, for additional information.


The League counts 197 affiliates representing 19 nations and successfully runs tournaments on 3 continents.

Individual affiliation to the IJL is free of charge

IJL Tournament Application Lysts at Castleton 2010.pdf

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