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Jean-Marie's Favorite Websites for Burgundian Clothing

My pics for Burgundian clothing-
This is Marie Chantal's site, and her documentation is amazing!! I love everything about what she's done, and she truly inspires me :)
You can go directly to References for Burgundian costuming
Making 15th century front-laced kirtles Discussion and directions for making both the front laced kirlte with a waist seam and the one without a waist seam.
Early Burgundian Gown
Another great site with pictures, a pattern, and documentation
Black Burgundian Gown of 1475
This is a neat article about how the author researched and created a Burgundian gown
Costly Thy Habit
a great site which instructs about draping patterns, how to buy fabric, etc.
Burgundian Netherlands: Court Life and Patronage
This one is particularly neat to get an idea of the timeline of Burgundy, as well as a place to read more articles pertaining to Burgundy and the Burgundian Court
Burgundian Costume
Being a study of women’s formal dress of Northern Europe, especially Burgundy and Flanders, in the later half of the 15th century.
Buckingham’s Retinue
Reinactment costuming guide. You really need to know how to sew and about period construction to make the most use of this site. Still it has some great resources, most of them for men. Be sure to check out the Gallery for more photos.