The Lysts at Castleton V
A Mounted and Field Combat Pas
Ansteorran Royal Lancer Competition

April 9 - 11, 2010      Austin, Texas

Great Weapon Melees

  • Showy and fun for fighters and the crowd
  • Lots of fighting
  • Sponsored by the Centurians of Bryn Gwlad
  • Great weapon-y
  • Heralds are equal-ish participants
  • Rez/recover melee, rez at heralds point.
  • 6’(ish) max weapon length. 6’ 5” is max. single weapon, or single weapon and buckler.
  • No thrust
  • Blow(s) to limb mean nothing
  • 3 Blow(s) to head/body, means means “stunned”, call each blow, ONE, TWO, THREE, STUNNED!
    • The 3 blows can come from any combination of the enemy not just one person.
    • If you are completely unengaged for 3 seconds you can reset you counter to 0.
  • Stunned walked by an enemy (not necessarily the one who stunned you) to heralds point, forced to ransom to recover (rez) and rejoin same side.
    • If let alone for 10 sec when stunned, call UNSTUNNED and return to fight.
  • Safety rules
    • Try to keep engagements no more than 3 on one for safety.
    • 2 eye contact on engagement.
    • Don’t be cheesy or stupid.
  • Heralds announce kills and captures with killer or capturer, advertise great feats, mock cruddy ransoms etc.
  • Ransoms should be small, a bottle of beverage, a small trinket, a poem composed & read to their lady (they do not have to be material), a single flower, etc.
  • All fighters will be allied with either the Duke of Brittany or the Duke of Bourbon. Sides recruited by lances led by knights.
  • Prizes for best herald, biggest laugh etc, not just heavy weapons fighters. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner determined by secret judges. Points will go to their team's Duke to determine the overall winner for the event.
  • Audience suggested to bring prizes/ransoms for noble and impressive (or funny) deeds.
  • Run in three phases of roughly 20 min each. Breaks between phases. Rules may be tweaked or changed between phases.


Cut and Thrust Competition

An invitation only tournament with rebated swords and appropriate armour will take place on the list field from 7p – 9p Friday evening. Each Duke shall field a contingent of armed combatants to compete in the Cut and Thrust style. Each team member shall compete against each of the other team members to determine the winner of this competition. The individual winner will receive a prize and public renown. Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

To be invited to this tournament each combatant must:

  • be authorized in Cut and Thrust
  • make an attempt at an appropriate 15th c. white or cuir boulli harness
  • no exposed modern materials allowed (hockey pads, gloves, etc.)
  • express an interest and send a description and photographs of your harness to the Event Steward by April 1, 2010.
Cut and Thrust combat

Foot Pas Challenge Tournament

“Come one come all who fail to fall and wear your armor proud”

Barony Bordermarch and Their Excellencies Santiago de Mond Verde and Elisabeth de Montvert do hereby sponsor the Foot Pas Challenge Tournament for Lyst at Castleton

Procession of fighters 9:30-10:30 am
    Tournaments begins at 10:30 am

This is where you can show all your talents both on and off the field, from your silver or slivered tongue to your finest armor and hand at arms.

Items of the Day:
  • All combatants shall bear themselves with good grace, to advance the cause of chivalry rather than the base spirit of victory.
  • Each combatant shall comport themselves bearing mutual responsibility for themselves and for their opponent. The safety of your opponent is your responsibility.
  • All combatants shall hold themselves in their respective quarters, ready for combat.
  • As the name of the challenger is read by the heralds, they should advance to the Shield of HE Santiago Baron of Bordermarch and smartly announce the challenge they desire. This done, they should advance to the Companion they would challenge and offer persuasive words to both the Companion and to the Gallery.
  • Weapons may be of a matched type or of different types, according to the wishes of the challenger.
  • Combats over the barrier will not allow strikes below the waist, and there will be no strikes with excessive force.
  • The Companions have provide matched warhammers for those who wish to use them in the barrier fights. It was a common practice in the days of our ancestors for tenans to offer arms and armour to those challengers who required them.
  • Fights with counted blows were common during the times of our ancestors, so we encourage the attackers to try them today.
  • HE Santiago will indicate group encounters by a number system.. Everyone competing will be allied either with the Duke of Brittany (Sir Alexis) or the Duke of Bourbon (Master Terefan) and points scored in all of the competitions will go towards your Duke. The Duke at the end of the event with the most points is the winning side and will be announced in Court Sat. night.
  • In the group combats, there will be no striking from behind and only single-handed swords are allowed. “Killing” from behind is expressly forbidden as this is a cowardly act hardly appropriate for fighters such as yourselves.

Finally: Companions and the Ladies shall watch your activities and offer their opinions as to which combatants advanced the cause of chivalry this day. A fine basket of prizes for you and your lady shall be given at feast only after your story has been told by those who witnessed your prowess.

Foot Combat